Why Skeddy:

Book rides in advance while you're in bed or busy.

Are you an independent gig driver? How about turning your bread-earning routine into a profitable business workflow?
After all, you can make money working on yourself, by yourself. Skeddy is a handy mobile app and functionality extender that lets Lyft drivers schedule their rides in advance thus building optimized pickup sequences.
For a flat and volume-discounted $1 per ride fee, you get AI-powered assistance in finding the most profitable rides submitted by passengers in advance.

You can even build a continuous chain of rides to save fuel and time while getting the highest possible income.


with Skeddy!

A match made in heaven!

Lyft is an excellent mobile/web service that unites drivers and everybody in need to quickly and inexpensively get from point A to point B.

Becoming a Lyft driver is quite simple - you just need to have a vehicle (owned or rented), a driver’s license, as well as a “clean” driving record and insurance.

More information about the Lyft driver requirements can be found on the official Lyft website.

While providing an essentially new level of comfort for its users in comparison with conventional taxi services, Lyft still has room for improvement.
For instance, it lacks a route planning feature, which makes many drivers either have to languish in anticipation of the next order in the vicinity of their current location or spend fuel to get to the next customer, who are not as close as we would like.

Skeddy solves this issue once and for all. It is a Lyft add-on that helps you start earning up to 70% more than you used to while spending much less time behind the wheel.

All you need to do is sign-up with Skeddy and get 5 Free Ride Credits - after that, Skeddy will look for customers who want to place an order in advance and help you build a continuous trip route throughout the working day.

Becoming a Lyft driver, get Skeddy on your smartphone to earn even more - turn your driving routine into a profitable business!

Who Should Use Skeddy:

Big cities are of the greatest value to drivers using Lyft and Uber, with the concentration of the largest number of people, therefore, the largest number of rides to cover.

Nevertheless, a huge part of the American population lives in the suburbs, where it is not so simple to call a car and expect it to arrive immediately. Pre-ordering is not possible in Uber if you need to go beyond 15-20 minutes before the pickup.

Lyft, on the other hand, allows you to schedule a pickup without any time limitations. In this matter, issues with the default functionality appear on the driver’s side - you have to refresh scheduled pickups manually and can only view options in the vicinity.
That puts unwanted limitations on the driver’s performance and reduces potential profits​.
With this issue in mind, we created Skeddy and integrated it as a functionality-extending addition with the Lyft service. Drivers can now see an automatically refreshed list of pickups already ordered around any point selected by Driver on the map.

There are also convenient filters, as well as an AI-based route chain selection, - all you need to help you efficiently earn the most out of your services either on a regular basis or when working in your free time!

Ultimately, use Skeddy to turn fuel-consuming trips into optimized routes to save time and get the highest rates possible in the shortest terms!