What is Skeddy

Skeddy is a cloud-based subscription service for Lyft drivers available as a mobile app.
If you want to earn more from your passenger transportation business, Skeddy is a must!
Earn a day on Lyft
making just out-of-town rides

with Skeddy!

How to do that? Easy!

Do you drive around the city from morning to late evening, thinking your income needs to be higher? Does the path to the pickup take you more time and fuel costs than you would like? If your answer is “yes,” then we definitely have something to offer you! Skeddy smartphone app will help you earn up to $300 a day while spending much less time behind the wheel.

How does this happen? Easy! You just install the app on your smartphone, launch it, specify your job preferences, and voila!
Focusing on your desired location, Skeddy will discover the rides ordered by passengers in advance, and will help you create a continuous chain of rides to make your schedule as tight as possible, minimize downtime and save fuel. The great thing about this all is that you don’t have to do the searches manually: the artificial intelligence that is built into the application will do everything for you.

Sounds great, right? Now let's learn more about Skeddy.

How does Skeddy work:

Skeddy is available for the driver as a mobile app, where the driver provides Skeddy with the permission to communicate with the Lyft server on their behalf. In response, Skeddy allows the driver to specify the desired Search Pin. Then, it sends a request to the Lyft server to retrieve pickups already ordered around the Search Pin location, collects the list of all found rides on its proprietary server, and makes this list available to the driver at any time he/she is launching the Skeddy mobile app. That is all about it — easy and effective!

Why do our users love Skeddy so much:

  • Time savings, more money with Lyft

    Despite the fact that Lyft allows you to book trips in advance, it is not very convenient to do using the Lyft app interface. Skeddy is much better thought out in this regard: it automatically offers you upcoming rides based on your desired location and individual job preferences.

  • More lengthy rides during the day

    Unfortunately, the Lyft app does not make the drivers aware of the ordered rides in real time. Skeddy resolves the challenge: with its built-in artificial intelligence, you can achieve almost complete absence of downtime, even if you work somewhere in the suburbs.

  • The ability to plan ahead

    As you know, Lyft allows passengers to book rides in advance, which expands the possibilities for those who live away from busy areas: for example, for suburbians. As for Skeddy, this service will help you to make your daily job continuous, so that you do not waste your time waiting for the next passenger

  • Decent price, free 1 month trial

    Skeddy Beta is currently available absolutely FREE — you can download and install it on your smartphone right away. We plan to launch the commercial release by the end of April. After the commercial launch, Skeddy will charge you as low as $1 per ride on the monthly basis — 1st MONTH FREE!

Get on Skeddy!

As you can see, Skeddy is an excellent choice for those who want to waste less fuel and less time behind the wheel on transporting passengers, while earning as much as possible, thus getting the most out of your Lyft driver account. According to our records, the drivers on Skeddy earn an average of $300 a day without extra effort, while before Skeddy they were getting much less payouts form Lyft. You can now download and install the free beta version of Skeddy on your smartphone, and test all its benefits for yourself!