Skeddy Step-by-Step Guide:

Are you already a Lyft driver, or just plan to sign up? This detailed tutorial will tell you how to become a taxi driver with Skeddy.

Skeddy and Lyft are a real powerhouse duo. If you were wondering how to become a successful taxi driver that don’t bury himself with work, then Skeddy + Lyft tandem is the most efficient way to go.
Basically, this guide is here to tell you how to become a taxi driver to make real profit. In particular, it demonstrates how easy it is to set up and use the Skeddy app you have just installed.
Just go by the following easy steps to become a taxi driver, which makes extraordinary profits:
Skeddy is easy to set up and use:
Watch video tutorial:

Become a self-employed taxi driver at Lyft, and apply Skeddy for better performance.

As you could see from the above tutorials, Skeddy is really easy to set up and use on your phone. According to the related feedback, Skeddy is a dealbreaker for most Lyft drivers.

This was a detailed guide answering the basic question: How do I become a cab driver for Lyft, and use Skeddy to make the most out of it? On top of that, you can go to the official Lyft website in order to find out even more of what you need to become a taxi driver.

Enjoy smart driving on Skeddy. Share your thoughts on how can we make Skeddy even better in Skeddy Community.