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Skeddy discovers Lyft rides in advance, and combines them for you into a profitable chain trip!

Skeddy features:

• Skeddy discovers Lyft rides in advance and combines them for you into a profitable chain trip!

• With Skeddy, you choose from multiple available rides in advance, and build a driving schedule, which is good for you!

• Skeddy allows you to plan your Lyft pickups for up to a week ahead!

• Skeddy maximizes your daily pay, while cutting off your behind-the-wheel time!

Who we are:

Skeddy is brought to you by a team of top mobile engineers from New York. We are not associated with Lyft in any way. At that, we work in close collaboration with hands-on Lyft drivers to make Lyft work for you, and not vice versa.
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How does Skeddy work

Skeddy is available to drivers as a mobile app, where the driver provides Skeddy with the permission to communicate with the Lyft server on their behalf. In response, Skeddy allows the driver to specify the desired Search Pin. Then, it sends a request to the Lyft server to retrieve pickups already ordered around the Search Pin location, collects the list of all found rides on its proprietary server, and makes this list available to the driver at any time he/she is launching the Skeddy mobile app. That is all about it — easy and effective!
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