Lyft Driver and Vehicle Requirements

Lyft is a popular mobile service connecting passengers with car drivers using mobile technologies. With it, you can get anywhere inside or outside the city ontime and for a moderate fee.
From the car owners’ point of view, Lyft is a simple and convenient way to make a stable income.
Below we will introduce the steps to become a Lyft driver and, in particular, describe the Lyft driver requirements for the prospective drivers and their vehicles.

How to Become a Lyft Driver

So what do you need to become a Lyft driver? Let us review the Lyft driver and vehicle requirements:

Valid plates and driver’s license

The first thing you need is a valid driver’s license, which falls under the laws of your region. In some states, a driver is required to have more than one year of driving experience in the United States. Also, your car license plates must be active.

Clean driving history

You will need to give Lyft employees the permission to check your driving history (this is an independent company) and a criminal record. The results are compared with Lyft’s internal policies, on the basis of which a conclusion is being drawn. So, Lyft may not accept you as a driver in the following cases:

  • four or more minor traffic violations over the past three years;
  • one serious violation of traffic rules over the past three years (this category includes moderate violations, for example, an accident without injuries caused by the applicant’s fault or driving in the oncoming lane without consequences);
  • violation of traffic rules with further restraint of liberty or deprivation of a driver’s license related to hitting, drunk driving, etc. for the past seven years.

Absence of the criminal record

Next, a background check is conducted. In particular, you will be required to provide your personal social security number to be checked for a criminal record. Restrictions on cooperation with the Lyft service include persons who have committed sexual offenses, theft, robbery, murder, violent acts, were involved with terrorist organizations, have been convicted of fraudulent activity, sale or possession of narcotic substances, etc.

Personal or rented vehicle

Finally, you should have at your disposal a 4-door car with 5-8 seats (own or rented from Lyft Express Drive service). Taxis and stretch limousines are not included in the list of acceptable cars.

Since February 2019, Lyft driver requirements put restrictions on many subcompact cars, such as Daewoo Lanos, Chevrolet Aveo, Kia Rio, Hyundai Accent, Ford Fiesta, Mazda 2, Mini Cooper, Pontiac G3, Scion xD, etc., since they have an internal space of less than 100 cubic feet, which interferes with the passenger comfort. Additionally, there are restrictions to the acceptable car age, which vary between states.

Vehicle insurance and registration

You must have a valid vehicle inspection record for the car with which you plan to work at Lyft, as well as acting liability insurance on your name. Please also note that in some states, such as California or Florida there are some additional conditions. You can learn more about regional requirements at the Lyft official website.

Make Lyft work for you, and not vice versa!

How to become a Lyft driver? See if you comply with the above requirements, and place your request through the Lyft app. Then, get on Skeddy — It is a smart solution that paves the ultimate way to optimize your Lyft driving routine and make it more profitable without having to work night and day. See for yourself.

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