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How to make money with Lyft

Ridesharing companies have become a hallmark of the modern age. Our hectic life leaves us no time to waste and requires our presence in many places during a humdrum working day.

Since using a car of their own incurs collateral problems with finding a parking space for it, taking steps against it being stolen, and filling up the gas tank, people engage the services of such companies to the mutual benefit of both passengers and drivers.

Are you a confident driver over 21 who has had a driver’s license for at least a year and whose job makes you move around the city (or outside it) a lot? Are alcohol and drugs taboo for you at the wheel? Are you a law-abiding citizen with no criminal record?

If you answered “yes” to all three questions, nice perks are looming for you. Becoming a part of Lyft will give you plenty of opportunities for making an extra buck.

How to get paid on Lyft

It is really a piece of cake. After you have applied and got approved, you must download an app. And this is basically it. Now, you can start accepting rides and earning money. The latter is transferred to your bank account with an instant opportunity for cashing provided by Express Pay (available in the USA only).

Lyft Payment Navigation

In-app Driver Console

Located at the bottom of the Lyft Driver app’s home page, it can help you track what you have earned daily or weekly as well as let you control your current incentives in real time. However, statistics provided by the Console take time to get finalized, so the second option will give you more correct information.

Driver Dashboard

Apart from seeing the total sum you earned there, you can also open the Driving History tab in the Driver Dashboard and enjoy seeing the sum you have made in any particular period, for instance, Lyft weekly payments (or monthly payments, if big numbers appeal more to you).

Guaranteed Earnings

In case a driver completes a certain quantity of rides during a definite period, they are eligible for a Lyft payment guarantee. Being accessed for reviewing by opening the Earnings tab on the home page of the Lyft Driver app, it allows drivers to earn a guaranteed sum which includes both time and distance payments and Personal Power Zone bonuses (provided they are relevant for your region).

Moreover, the guarantee is available to new drivers too on condition they fulfill the requirements. However, the earnings guarantee doesn’t cover tips and tolls as well as cancellation and airport fees.

Lyft is a vibrant company that excels at creating a win-win situation for both passengers and drivers. By employing Lyft’s services, the former are able to keep up with their busy schedules and the latter can earn perks that dish up a good supplement to their regular income.

Driver Awards System

Another boon available for drivers comes with Lyft bonuses obtained for referring another driver to drive with Lyft. To be eligible for referral awards, a current Lyft driver should share their referral code with the applicant.

When the latter started his/her application, they (as well as the referring driver) will receive a confirming email message form Lyft which will contain bonus amounts, time limits, and ride stipulations.

The bonuses that the referring driver will receive are in no way identical factoring in the person who extends the reference and the region applicant is located in, yet they are a nice complement to your regular Lyft earnings.

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