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Lyft VS Uber – what to look for?

Lyft and Uber are two almost identical services that provide both passengers and drivers with opportunities for simple, fast, and safe interaction with each other. The former get the opportunity to quickly and inexpensively get from point A to point B by car, the latter – to earn or at least cover daily driving expenses.
Nevertheless, these two services (Lyft VS Uber) have certain differences. For example, Uber allows you to transport not only passengers but also cargo (and even deliver food). In addition, Uber is available in more than 7 hundred cities around the world, while Lyft an exclusive solution for the United States and Canada.
On the other hand, Lyft allows you to book trips in advance, while in Uber this feature is completely absent. This allows drivers to plan their routes and, thereby, minimize the costs and downtime. At the same time, passengers get a guarantee that they will be able to reach their destination even despite traffic jams, congestion of other drivers and the remoteness of their current location.
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