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How much does it cost to become a taxi driver?

Generally speaking, some novice drivers believe that in order to start making money on their personal (or rented) car, you don’t need to invest any costs whatsoever. However, this is not a completely correct belief. So, how much does it cost to become a taxi driver? Thus, becoming a Lyft driver, be prepared to cover the following:

  • A well-performing smartphone (unless you already have one). In particular, drivers must have an iPhone 5 or more modern version or a smartphone-based on Android 4.0 and higher;
  • An insurance policy. Otherwise, you simply will not be allowed to carry passengers;
  • Car repair & purchase of accessories for it. You must understand that along with earning on the transportation of passengers, your car will gradually wear out, which means that you will have to periodically spend money on buying tires, replacing engine oil, conducting tech inspection and, if necessary, repair the vehicle. For another point, Skeddy offers you the best solution to reduce fuel costs, helping to build a continuous chain of routes;
  • Absence of privileges. Last but not least, it is worth considering that since you are a self-employed citizen and not an employee, you will not have any privileges, like medical insurance and such.

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