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Why do I need to choose Lyft services?

Lyft is a convenient mobile service with versatile user capabilities. The cost of Lyft services is significantly lower than that of professional taxi services since personal means of transportation are used instead of a corporate car fleet.
Unlike Uber, a similar service, Lyft allows you to pre-book your trip time, which means that passengers get additional confidence that they can catch a car in their region at the right time (even if you are situated far away from busy highways).
As for the driver benefits, Lyft provides some extensive opportunities to receive an additional or even main source of income – simply by using your own or rental car. In fact, you can just go about your business, pick up one of the passengers along the way and, thereby, cover the cost of your trip. When such a ride becomes regular, it opens up a new, promising source of income for all drivers out there.
And, of course, Lyft can be considered a fairly loyal service with a low entry threshold. Therefore, if you have a modern car, no criminal records and offenses, and you are an experienced driver, Lyft will open new horizons for you to earn good money and point you onto how to become a successful taxi driver.

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