How long does it take to be approved by Lyft?

When asking: “How long does it take to become a taxi driver?”, you should take into account that usually such services do not give any promises regarding the term of checking the driving history and other biographical data identifying the driver. However, judging by the assurances of most current drivers, the inspection In Lyft may take from three to ten days.

The official Lyft driver approval FAQ says that it takes no more than 2-4 days to conduct a background check and approve a new driver in the service. But that’s a very superficial statement, as the company may need to contact courthouses and other legal instances throughout states or even countries to make certain checks.

All in all, you will have to wait for some time, which should pay off in the long run with an ability to earn at your leisure.

As for Skeddy, it is totally dependent on on Lyft and doesn’t require any extra inspections and approvals. Just set it up on your mobile device and, if you were successfully approved for the Lyft service, start using it at once (by first connecting Skeddy to your Lyft profile and adjusting all the necessary settings – see our step-by-step guide for how to become a taxi cab driver using Skeddy.).

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